only me having problems?

Scott Webber

Dec 28, 2010
Big problems!!!

1:Can't change my steering degrees (no matter what settings i do ingame) the steering degrees (rotation) stays the same
2: i cannot do the setup wizard because everytime i am in the control section the game freezes (goes so slow)
3: the brake, constantly locks up (changed settings in the garage, messed around with the settings in the settings tab (brake gama etc) left it at default, put it up, but still no change. i used these forums that many people have tried, i have tried it all, yet they still lock up (unless the game is not actually changing the settings at all)

I am currently re-installing the whole game, fresh install, new directory & will do the wheel configuration again

im just sad, iv'e never had the chance to have a decent lap or race on here :S some1 hug me please.
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