only an idea for the club event....

Do you like the idea of the "Forced Setup"?

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Some days ago i saw a little discussion on the server about setups and setupsharing.......

i know that in rfactor there is an option for force the same setup to all the cars.... you can still change some parameters, but the most are locked, so maybe we can try to do some club event with that option ON, just for try it and only if you think that is a good idea.
That system works well in mod where the cars are all equal, so usually the LE edition of the mods are perfect.
About the setup i think that here there are many guys good to put toghether a good neutral sets (not me i'm usually one of the guy that ask about setups on server :p).
So when an admin put an event he will also put that setup for downloading so everyone could train with it, and the race day on the server will be forced only that setup so everyone will be in the same condition!!! i think that in this way the races could be more fun and closed because everyone had the same performance in the car and also guys that aren't good in setuping cars or that haven't tons of hours have chance for doing great races!!!!

I think that this approach is in line with the spirit of the club event, place where everyone could have fun and nice fights all together!!! :D

so what do you think about that idea?? i'm the only one here that think that is cool????

just put here your thoughts and discuss it!!!

thank you!!!
a friend use it in a league but for be honest i really don't know how hard is to set it correctly, so if is too much a problem just forgive what i proposed..... really i don't wanna create problems to admins&staff that use their free time for let us have so much fun!!! ;)

btw there is also another little problem with that option ON, and is that every time you change session the setup will reset to his standard forced value again, so if you change the stear lock or the break pressure after the change of the session you must set them again, and before the race you have only 30 second!!! Btw usually for setting the parameters that are free you take 15-20 seconds, but you need a bit of train to do it and maybe it can be a problem to some!!! ;)

Nigel Atkins

i voted yes as i`am rubbish at making setups and only adjust the easy things ike brakes and gears, my brain tends to turn to jelly when i look at susspension settings :)

i`ve been in a couple of leagues with fixed setups which just requires a box to be ticked on the server & it worked really well. with everone staring on a level playing field.

@Mattia after you`ve made your basic setup save it then you can load it back up in seconds.

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
I like this idea, 'cos my brain does the same as Nigels

Ivo Simons

Like i said. Its indeed it easy to click the box. But then its takes the default setup as base and that one is crap.
Then i need to change the default setup in the data folder for every track and thats a pita. :)

Nigel Atkins

as someone who doesn`t have much chouice about what setup to use and so use default 90% of the time i would say there not to bad.

maybe we need a freash drive to get people to share there setups more, i know in all the time i`ve been at RD the staff have tried to encorage people to share there knoledge and setups, but if you look in the rF setup section theres only been 3 setups posted this year & clearly people are struggling.

another way to look at it is, as sim-racers we try emolate what real drivers do but they have an engineer to help them set the car. but us noobs we have nothing without the help from more knoledgeable members.

Ivo Simons

I see alot of (ingame) setup sharing in my events.
Think thats easier to do also then posting it on the forum and thats why we dont see alot. :)
sure m8 i will be there!!!! :D thank you!!! :D

and really a good choise for the mod.....need to try it deeply but it seems that those cars are really fun!!!!
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