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OnLiveCentral.com is launched...

Jun 10, 2007
We believe that this new delivery platform will change the gaming landscape in ways never imagined just a few short years ago. Although there is not a public working model of this new system, we think things will ramp up quickly over the next several months. As that occurs, we want to be ready to provide a home for you to get breaking news and discuss developments as they happen. Head on over and take a look around.

Click this link to visit the brand new website and community and sign up if you don't want to miss the latest news and developments.


Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Already pumped by this since the first announcement about OnLive Service. The more people are shouting that this technology is too advanced to make it work already, the more I am convinced they have created something groundbreaking :)

Can't wait to play the latest games from my lazy chair: no more downloading, no more waiting, but instant action in HD quality for the lowest possible price! :woot:

Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
Lol, registered with the wrong name :)

Onlive will be awesome, if it gets off the ground. If they can't handle the masses, they're screwed (just like AA3 almost was).


Looking forward to it. Then I bought my i7 for nothing lol.
Nah, the more Bram dreams that someone is going to build a huge server farm and populate it with all the latest games and keep it all up to date to get the best performance "for the lowest possible price" the more we should roll around on the floor laughing...

Or at least consider that "lowest possible price" is vague and non specific, hence pretty weasel sounding itself.

My son often does that kid dreaming stuff too "Hey, Dad, what if we're walking through the paddock and someone offered us a go on the track? Wouldn't that be cool?" he said at Silverstone once.

What if he was walking outside a film studio and "Hey, you're just the boy we want for a our movie!"

Yeah, they all sound great to me too...they didn't happen though :)

But I didn't shatter his dream and as I've no idea if Bram is the same age, let's wait and see :D

Travis Bailey

Firstly, let me preface this with saying, that after watching their introduction video......this is pretty cool stuff.

I do think this could be the next big thing................IF, however Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo don't try and crush them first. Not sure how they would go about doing that, but I cannot imagine these console makers will go away quietly, as this would (if it works as well as they say) pretty much eliminate the need for the Big 3's equipment (not to mention Microsoft's own onlive service to play). Guess it would also hinge on their (OnLive) pricing.

Leaves me also wondering about the PC version of games, at least in niches like ours......Racing. I am not a big gamer (used to play COD back in the day), but in every PC title I have ever played---there has always been a modding community that was there to provide extra content and really keep a game alive. rFactor for instance, is a platform for modding and that ability to mod are available in the other racing titles we use as well. Hell, I could not imagine losing out on all these great mod's that our wonderful modding community has produced!! I mean, if I'm understanding their sales pitch right--everything that is loaded onto their OnLive servers is what comes from the Developers, which in rFactor's case...would mean you just get the stock cars and tracks.

In addition, there would be no way of setting up certain racing conditions, ie; weather, 2x tire wear, flag rules, time restrictions, laps, etc. Everything that we could control if we run a server....none of that capability exists.....right?

With no server access to set things up the way you want and no mod capability.....not sure how this type of service would benefit us. To me, this type of service is going to work well with the console gamers and those who enjoy certain FPS and MMOG games.

Granted......I realize this is very new stuff and hell it is just now out in beta. Also of course, this would hinge on the Developers as well, because this might not be for everyone. I cannot imagine ISI using this type of service, at least in the way it is configured now. Or has someone heard differently?

Still, this is going to be a very interesting service. One I think that is going to seriously give Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo some bigtime headaches in figuring out how they are going to deal with this.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Depending on your connection yes. And you can do it with minimal hardware requirements :D


Jun 22, 2008
I agree to the modding, I doubt that what you said about setting up your own race conditions will be a problem (at least in theory).

I have not followed the discussion further, just saw the initial video. But from what I understood, this is like having a terminal server session to a server which is running your application (in this case a game). There is no reason why there should not be another terminal session running a dedicated server to which people connect. (My picture: I am running GTRe in a Citrix session and somebody is running a dedicated server in a Citrix session, otherwise it is the same).

So I dont think the is necessarily a similar setup like iRacing, though it would be possible as well. But I imagine they just take regular games and offer them as a service.