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Online to offline?

Feb 22, 2009
I hate to ask this but I'm at a loss here.

So I recently installed the online version of GTR evo/Race'07 through Steam.

I have been playing the offline version for 2 weeks or so and downloaded a few tracks which I love.
So now when I double click the GTR icon on my desktop it automatically wants to fire up the online version even with the ethernet cable pulled, which is fine but it doesn't see my DL'ed tracks.

What to do to play offline with my dl'ed tracks is the ?

Sorry for the noob ?'s I just figured out how to install tracks a few days ago so bare with me please.

Any info would greatly appreciated.


Dave Flower

Nov 21, 2008
Scott - You cant see the tracks because you have them in the offline install of the game . To get to see them you either need to find the shortcut to the offline install and run the game from there (send it to desktop (create shortcut on desktop) and rename it GTR OFFLINE or something - OR install the tracks to the STEAM (online) instllation of GTR, you can then pull the lead and start steam - steam then asks if you want to retry or use STEAM in offline mode, this means STEAM is offline, but you will still be using the ONLINE install of GTR, which is why the tracks need to be installed in it. If you have managed to get tracks working in the offline install on your pc then you should be able to find and install to your steam apps (online) install.

Note - that there is a strong argument for installing any new downloaded tracks to the offline install first, just to test them, the racedepartment downloads should always be safe, but sometimes downloads from other sites, or older downloads can cause problems, and its best that it locks up your offline install than your online one - especially if your racing online a lot. I personally have more than one online install so that friends and visitors can race with me, and I install any new stuff to the visitor steam install/machine first, so if I do get problems, my main install is still running.

Anyway hope this helps, let us know when its sorted and good luck.

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