Onboard videos - Pole Laps

May 30, 2010
Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that for this year I will upload the pole laps of each division in the FSR Youtube channel, and post them on Facebook&Twitter aswell (Guess they will be posted on the website too), it's something I noticed none had done for years so I thought I could spend a couple of hours after each weekend to do this. Thanks to my teammate in ace @Teemu Valkeejärvi for his help with the graphics.
All the videos are in their playlist which is called "FSR 2015 Division Pole Laps".

Let me know what you think about them and any suggestions on how to improve their quality is always welcome :)

WC Q1 Lap (I didn't get Jim's in time so instead of leaving WC blank I got Brzezinski's for this race)

I plan to do them for the whole season so the drivers who get their poles can always automatically send me their VCR replay files here or on Facebook, instead of asking them. Cheers!
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