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(OLD)Season14 Race1 MELBOURNE Race Report

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James Early

Oct 21, 2014
Me too, my aim is to get to lap 5 without being lapped!
EDIT: Should have put this is a pre-race report, whoops

James Early

Oct 21, 2014
Great race, as I predicted the only thing shown on the stream of me was me crashing, I seem to do that a lot...
Jun 6, 2009
Started p11.got a good start think I was up to p8 or 9 by lap 2.just trying to settle down into a rhythm then on lap 5 I lost it in fast chicane ahhhh went back down to 10th and big vibration from flat spotting all 4 tyres.and Dillon just got past me.so got a great run out of last corner and past Dillon into T1.thanks for giving me room m8,started pulling away from Dillon then about half way round lap 7 I lost connection in p9 I think ahhhhhhh my heart sank.
So to sum it up I'm happy with my qually and race pace and thanks to all the guys that make this happen it's my first race with presto and what a welcome I've had

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
Qualifying was exciting, times changing fast, track full with cars, really enjoyed it, server was smooth at this point too, qualified 3rd and happy with that, quite a way from my pb but the guys in front managed great laps.

Race started very well, but i lost out to the rocketman Jonathan (were do those starts come from) so 4th going towards t3 and near side by side with Sean, managed to get round and past and set about catching Jonathan, Jonathan made a small mistake at the fast chicane and I managed to get a good run to go down the outside and into into 2nd place, From here I knew it would be hard to even stay with Dino let alone challenge him but I managed to stay within 1.5 seconds sometime's 1 second but he always had that little edge in those first few laps, everyone knows what happened next, unfortunate but these things happen, hopefully not again.

As we go on we will get quicker at sorting problems when they occur and quicker at changing things on server as and when needed, this is all still a learning process to me too so with some time we'll be back to our best and everything working right, when it does I'm positive we can have some amazing race's as we have had in the past.

Richard Hill

Jun 28, 2011
Considering that I only had 12 laps of practice before the start of quali I felt really unprepared.
In qualifying it was the first time that I ran low fuel and was building up confidence. On my fastest lap I spun on the second to last corner which I was .7 up but I was happy with 15th overall.
The race start was good but I felt unprepared again but started well till s3 when I came across a redbull in the middle of the road and I think Jim was beside me so we had nowhere to go. I spun but lucky no damage but huge flatspots on my tyres.
After that I was having a good race with Valero and Phil until the server problems.
All in all I felt good and I love this latest build in the fact of I feel I can now push and build confidence quickly.

I'd like to say thank you to David an Sean for trying to get everything sorted and I cant wIt for the season to start properly :thumbsup:

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Mar 15, 2011
I had a poor quali and 1 sec off my PB, struggled to get a clear lap.
P17 at the start (on lhs). My plan was to if at all possible hug the right hand side into T1 as its harder for cars to career into you! I managed to get away nicely and do just that.
I gained a place on lap 1 with a good exit from T9 and a clean pass before the fast chicane T10-11. As a couple of ppl had issues I was now P12 and settled into a group of 4 cars with April Dillon at the front. The car started feeling good as the tyres came in and I was having no problems staying very close. This pleased me as top 10 was my goal and just 3 cars ahead of me was P9.

DRS became available, the groupd was compressing a little as without DRS April couldnt break free and those following had both DRS and a nice little tow. I waited a lap or two to see if those ahead in this tight bunch would get a bit ambitious and save me the effort of a pass. The dirty air was very noticeable through the very fast T10-11 chicane so I held back there. One driver had a slight off in S3 and I was through. Now we were 3. I now felt I had the pace to pull clear if I could get past the 2 drivers ahead. It was lap 6.

At T6 I tried what Ricciardo did to Vettel in Monza with a little feint to the right and the defending driver compromised his exit a little and I got a better drive and a nice run from T8 to T9 up the outside.
I was through and just April in front to clear. But it ended in tears.

I guess I am thankful we get another go.
There were hiccups and many are new to this sim and this car but I hope you can feel how nice it is and how realistic and deep the racing can go.

See you at the next one.
Edit: Oh and the other goal is to be unlapped. I have managed it against Dino in a 45 min race, lets see if I can in 60 min race.

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Feb 3, 2009
Qualifying was good managed to get 3 runs and just sneak pole right at the end with pretty good lap. I can see q being quite good through the season.

Got a poor start with losing track map I was all out of comfort zone but still managed to get round safely most importantly and got down to some good early racing with David, Jonathon and Nicolas chasing me and got the pass into t1.

Looking forward to some great racing this season :thumbsup:
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