Oculus Rift + Racer

Hey All,

Just to tell you, I've tried the Oculus Rift DEV 1 VR Headset with Racer 0.8.39 & it doesn't work right now, but I'm still confident that Ruud will implement it very soon.

Anyone have tried those ?

Since I'm now working on a parallel project with this headset & will probably have all the next Oculus Rift models, I'll keep & I'm still looking at the source code + Unity SDK to correctly understand all technical possibilities to get a nice immersion...

Stay tuned !! :)

Next-Gen Racing Studio
Reading the changelog, i see that the first Oculus Rift compatible Racer it's v0.9.0 RC7, so maybe you have to try with it.

Waiting to see results!!! :D
Yep sure, nobody knows what FB will do with them.

Concerning the OR Dev1 glasses, the resolution is still no good to play any games (640 x 400 px / per eye) + most games haven't been programmed to work with them (6 DOF)...

The comfort of the glasses is also an issue, anyway too many things needs to be improved...

Been using 'TriDef Ignition' to test the whole stuff...:)
I never have been able to get the DK2 to work completely. The stereo worked once but the head tracking never has, I hope that Ruud hasn't abandoned us after all these years. :)

Alex Forbin
OK same here as my FreePIE stuff, to me nothing is impossible, & after some days of heavy research & testing all kinds, DK2 works by default on Virtual Desktop [BiG ThanX To Guy Godin ;)] with Racer.

Just set your racer.ini in windowed mode & you should be able to immerse yourself in Racer old versions....
Follow VD instructions, I'm running on 13.2 AMD CCC drivers + on Racer 0.8.39 with that Win7 patch.

Now merged with a FreePIE python script & you should be able to get it all !

___Big THX To G. Godin___
I assume that you just get a 2D projection in that case though. Kinda ok I suppose.

I'm still waiting for an official version. I expect it to be cheaper and better, so win win :D

Yeah it's a 2D projection on a 3D Surface (wall desktop) with head tracking enabled.

What's amazing with this Virtual Desktop, it does what others programs do, like VorpX, IZ3D, Virieo or Tridef, but in better.

Now I asked some Python experts, to compile a FreePIE script to redirect Racer keyboard camera functions to the DK2. So it would mean, we could have it all & this on all Racer versions. I'll share it here for those who are interested.

I'll give some feedback on the Oculus DK2 forum for Virtual Desktop & ask for some improvements, I've been thinking of.

Let's see what G. Godin will say, I'm excited to be part of this amazing project (Virtual Desktop) which makes DK2 experience much better than anything else on the market right now.
Little update...
So, here's even better !

Check Deskope VR on Oculus Forum.
Didn't tried Racer yet, but AC runs smoothly in it. Had to set a little Desktop => the zoom to 150% & FOV to 50% + OpenTrack HDM Oculus running behind.

:) Running 115 FPS in AC in DK2, PostEffects off + Shadows Medium...
AA Full + World Detail Full + Mirrors Normal + Reflection Normal.

Will do some further testing with Racer & other racing / sim games.

Ah yeah, another good news, I'm working at compiling a home-made simulator running with FaceTrackNoIR generated especially for DK2 & VR via Unity & optimized for G25/G27. It runs now smoothly on my PC with all my tracks + my cars on 4K resolution in Win7 x64 @ 75 FPS head tracking included via FTN.

Soon, more news....