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(not exactly) HYPERDRIVE by MPOD_MODS

Tracks (not exactly) HYPERDRIVE by MPOD_MODS 0.9

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mpod_mods submitted a new resource:

(not exactly) HYPERDRIVE by MPOD_MODS - #drift #circuit #night

Well, my free interpretation. I find out, that recreating original layout would be bit boring both to create and to drive. Therefore I decide to go more into cinematic experience, add more light, some obstacles etc. Every single object is my design build from zero in blender 2.8. Took me few weeks of sleepless nights, i prefer to use my insomnia for creative stuff rather than just rolling in a bed. Hope you guys like my work.

Track have 3 main parts Slow one, fast one, and playground...

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Just found that Easter Egg ahahah !!!

Lap 2 need rework I think.

Waiting for and update for the free area.

And when I have collision, my car is blocked here... Need to teleport to pit...
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