No class or tire compound info. HELP

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Hugo Becerra, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Hugo Becerra

    Hugo Becerra

    Hello everybody,

    I am in need of some help.
    I recently changed my Rfactor purchase to stean (since I did it with RF2 and like it better) and started downloading tons of mods (some that I already had in my standard purchase and some new ones). I basically did all of these because I am specially interested in endurance racing. After some struggles and a complete day of shapping the game I got it up and running but there is a new issue that I dont know how to fix.

    When racing in any session (testing or race weekend) the monitor no longer shows the class and tire compound info. Now all the cars are the same class (prototypes and gt´s) and all of them are showing "unknown tire compound"
    Here I attached a picture.

    any clues on what can I do to fix it ? IMG_0936 (1).JPG
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