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new update to 1.1


Oct 6, 2010
I was just about to do one more session after having done several already with the new version and this time I got a message to wait for an update. So I did and it was a short one.

Upon launching AC, I got a notice that all of the URD GT cars and a few other mods had some sort of issue. Not all the mods and not the URD DTM cars.

Next going into a quick race I noticed I couldn't set the number of laps higher than 2. In the weekend race I think the number was 6 laps, but some HTML code was visible. Clearly something broke.

All of this was working fine before the second update which occurred around 9pm Pacific time (PST)


I should note that the URD cars do work as before. I downloaded the URD update right after upgrading to 1.1

Greg Latty

Mar 1, 2014
just got that same message. And it looked like all of the cars listed are cars that i fixed to work with 1.1


Oct 31, 2010
I had the same thing but more, easy fix:
All it is, is incorrect ui_skin file.
So it either for example missing " or , at the end off name,or missing the driver country.
I just fixed up about 35 but all good now, just a pain going through and altering the UI files.


May 2, 2011
Just remove all the JSON files for each skin, removes errors all together. Tested it so far and not seeing any issues in game nor in logs. I noticed this when there wasn't any errors produced for the 2015 Falken Tire livery which has no "ui_skin.json"

Conclusion, remove the "ui_skin.json" for each skin. Doesn't seem to be serving a purpose at the moment only to designate a team, driver, country and "number". Other than this, it works just fine. Can pick the livery and no errors in game what so ever.

Quick way I removed all was NOT go to Cars directory and search for all these files. Instead I went to every individual folder for the cars in the URD pack and more, did a search on "ui_skin.json" and deleted all of them. I have a back up of my URD and the skins I use so I felt safe in doing this.

Hope this helps.

Falk Massmann

Apr 29, 2014
Stuff isn´t working anymore after update to v1.1.1. Remeved all the json-files from the modded content but when I click on start event it will try to load and then just stops during load. Will do this forever but never get ingame anyways. Yesterday everything was working fine and now it´s back to meeeehhh. Already checked file integrity with steam, but the stock content now doesn´t work anymore.

I´m close to delete all files and redownload the whole thing.


May 2, 2011
Doesn't sound like your problem is related to the URD 1.1 if you updated to the right pack. Make sure you removed the URD 1.0 or previous version before installing 1.1. They sent a second email out detailing that if you are still having the problem this is more than likely the case.

But with you stating it was working fine before makes me wonder 2 things. Either you deleted wrong JSON files (UI files and Skin files) or you might be better off just trashing the whole install and starting fresh depending on what other mods you have running as well.
@parginos Thank you!!! That's super helpful!! I had over 75 JSON files to update last night at 2AM, so after I found the delete option works, I figured I'll update those sometime next week. ;)
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May 2, 2011
Also for all those URD users, check your email for the "1.1 to 1.1a" hotfix they released. Fixes the default skin JSON files ;)

Nick Milton

Apr 28, 2014
Strange thing for me, went into a race weekend at spa, bmw m3 gt3, 23 A1 cars, 15 min practise and 15 qualifying, 10 laps,

Practise was position 1, good,
Qualifying p1 also, good.
Race, was back if grid?..?? WTF !

Good points, 24 cars, great graphics and speed, 99% pc error appeared twice but only briefly.