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    Hi guys o/

    Some couple of days ago a friend of mine introduced me with the TV Show, serial movie - ARROW

    Yesterday i downloaded and after first two episodes now i became addicted to it. Its great! The story begins with a young guy who lost his father in storm while sailing. His father and his co-worker alike the main character - Queen, survive the storm and are on a rescuing boat. While they are floating on open ocean his father kills his co-worker and himself, prior to that he tells his son that he needs to "right his wrongs", wrongs he (the father) did in the past.
    His father was something like Bruce Wayne's father in the trilogy of Batman. I mean, he is very wealthy man and he pulls all strings in the City. Now he leaves all of that to his son, as above said, to make right all his wrongs, but his son is not going to take his place in the companies like he supposed to, but he will become something like a legend "the man with the green hood"

    He is no super hero, just alike Batman story. So he is carved with experience in the 5 years he was on the island surviving on his own, which, as the episodes pass by, events from the islands are showed for a final conclusion in the end. The show is great!

    The final episode (24) was released some month ago and Season2 will be coming out in several months from now. Maybe is not that NEW but, relatively :D ... however, share your thoughts and opinions of it if someone is watching it :D

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    I just started watching this, i'm on episode four now. It's not too bad of a series so far i'll keep going with it.

    The series is filmed in Vancouver B.C Canada, it's where i live :D:thumbsup: