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New Here!

hey what`s up folks I am a newbie to the forums and PC Sims and was wondering where i should go to learn about club/league etiquette (so im not being an unintentional asshat) so i can sign up to get some racing on.

i realise that i may be a rarity these days but as i am waiting for r3e to get multi player i thought hey why not play Race 07?

So as a newbie i do have a few questions about the game that would be great to have some replies on

1. when i got the game i got it on Steam and it came with a few DLC packs now do i just launch the game Race Injection to play some of these clubs/leagues or are the different packs needed as a launcher to enter specific ones?

2. i use a controller (xbox 360) will i still be able to compete or even enter.

3. are there any pre race requirements that i must complete or can anyone sign up to events.

4. do i need to have any mods installed or other race expansions before i can play and what should i look for as a new racer when signing up for a club/league

that should be enough questions to get me started and i would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read a newbie post and i hope that you can at least answer a couple of my questions d-(",)z

look forward to some replies and hope you are willing to accomadate a newbie racer on these forums.

Justin Swan

Hey Puzzlle, welcome to RaceDepartment (you won't look back)

First thing you'll need to do is get a FREE license here Have a good read and you'll see we are all a friendly bunch and you'll find all the rules and etiquette requirements there :D
Using a 360 controller is fine, I used one at first and I think a few still do.
We use all of the DLC at some point so it's always worth getting them eventually and they are all so worth it anyway ;) There will also be a few MODS thrown in on the odd occasion too.
Look forward to seeing you in the Club racing events which are held most nights :thumbsup:



Welcome! You can start here for some basic racing rules: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/read-this-first.43576/

There's also instructions there on how to get a racing licence (it's free, don't worry). Another interesting link about racing rules is this. It's for another game, but the principles apply about staying on track, what are good overtakes and what are not: http://wiki.grandprixlegends.info/index.php?title=GPL_Recommended_Driver_Behaviour

1. You can launch the game using any of the packs - they are the same, apart from the colours of the user interface (Race 07 is white, GTR Evolution is Red, etc). But they are fundamentally the same thing, share the same files. When there's a race, the organiser will usually tell you what add on packs you need to be able to join in. They're all pretty cheap though. I got all of them for less than 20 euros, if I remember right.

2. XBox controller is fine. On the occasional evenings when I am too tired to get my wheel and pedals out, I use my Xbox controller.

3. Anyone can sign up, once you have your racing license :)

4. Part of this I answered in 1. Things you should be looking for is driving etiquette, which is generally very good in RD. I've been part of RD for just a few months, and every single race has been an absolute blast, even though I am a relative noob in the world of racing and am often at the back. So, yes, a newbie is always welcome!

Hope to see you on the track soon! Go get your license, then sign up for some races!

Justin Swan

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btw guys thanks very much for the welcomes this is the same person as this threads original author just wanted to use a more current E-mail but thanks for the welcomes and i have been racing online tonight and damn this games hard but so good.

also realised that if i updated all the versions on steam i got more content :) went blasting round nords for a while what a time haha right ive applied for my licence and i look forward to signing up and racing.

although i suk i will do my best to practice participate and compete. lol maybe not the last one hehe