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New Ferrari's pace impresses Raikkonen and Rosberg

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jordan Adcock, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Jordan Adcock

    Jordan Adcock

    Scuderia Ferrari 2015.jpg
    Kimi Raikkonen has said he can feel an immediate improvement in Ferrari’s 2015 car over last year’s after the third day of Jerez testing. And it’s caught world champions Mercedes’ attention as well.

    Ferrari-powered cars have topped the times on all three days so far, with Raikkonen’s new teammate Sebastian Vettel fastest for the first two days in a row while Sauber’s Felipe Nasr was quickest today. And the Finnish 2007 champion was very clear the SF15-T was a big step forward from the F14T which ill-suited his driving style, declaring “it’s a new car”. He went on praise the team’s efforts, saying that “The whole team has done a good job over the winter after last year and the difficult times. It was a positive first day, lot of improvements in areas that we have difficulties.”

    While many have pointed to Mercedes’ 150+ lap runs on Sunday and today as signs they are the ones to beat, Nico Rosberg admitted that the Ferrari’s consistently good pace had made the team wary. “Of course we are keeping an eye on the opposition and Ferrari have been an eye-opener for us during the last couple of days,” he said. The German insisted that Mercedes’ focus was just on ensuring their car’s reliability, though Rosberg’s engine cutting out before the hairpin today follows the water system issues that forced Lewis Hamilton’s running to be cut short yesterday. “We did find some weaknesses in the car already, but they’re going to be easy to fix, so we’re on the right track,” he told a press conference. “We also had telemetry problems with the car not sending the data back to the team from the car, and that’s always a bit of a risk. Still, we are confident we will start the season well and be strong in development.”
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  2. Dux


    Last year on some occasion Ferrari had P1 on Test Session. Although myself as a Vettel fan i would pray for this Ferrari to fly, these laptimes means nothing.
    Vettel confirmed that by saying that Mercedes was running in different style than them but he was pleased with the car yet he didn't drove the 2014 car. However when Raikkonen came up with the comment that compared to last year's car, this one was much better and in the same time Rosberg ( a bit naive ) said that Ferrari were showing good pace ( which means they noticed something they find it dangerous to them ) to me admits that these tests done already are showing us that Ferrari are really in a good shape this year.

    I hope that i am not wrong.
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  3. Mark Aalberts

    Mark Aalberts

    Alonso will jump off a cliff when Ferrari is going to win race this year.:D

    I can remember many times team topping the charts but proving very disappointing during the season. I think I just await the first race in Melbourne, there we will see how strong everyone really is.:sneaky:
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  4. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    First test isn't a huge benchmark, only at Melboune practise we can really see who's the best.

    But, like Mark said above, Alonso will be so furious that in the past 5 years Ferrari was a terrible car, and now that he leaves it becomes magically good.
    As an Alonso fan I would also be furious.

    To add to that, McLaren looks pretty horrible tbh.
  5. Kim Eriksson

    Kim Eriksson

    Räikkönen has also said in interview after today's test that the times don't mean nothing. Freely translated from Finnish interview: "In this weather the time was quite ok, but it doesn't really matter" and "we didn't even try to push hard" :D

    But if the car feels good to Räikkönen, I have trust that he will be fast and competitive with it :cool:
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