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  1. arc_team


    ARC_Team is pleased to show the first images of new ARC_Handbrake.

    Designed from measurements made on the N4 and S2000 group cars with the consultation of MRT we decided to build a product that was different in performance and build quality compared to few products on the market today.
    The hand brake is made entirely of aluminum, laser cut after being subjected to careful analysis and FEM has undergone a thorough development in various settings thanks to the collaboration of Elio Minetti, a racing driver with 25 years of high-level group A and Group N4 career.
    Also ARC_Handbrake will be of interest to fans for using it as a clutch of races in the output functions (2012)
    Furthermore, as our other products, you can buy it in kit: we are sure will delight many.

    Playseat models: 80%

    PC games: 100%

    PS3 games: work in progress

    XBOX: work in progress

    Please also be advised of the birth of the new ARC_Gearbox MY 2012, please visit our Official Store for more information.

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  2. Alexander Rhodes

    Alexander Rhodes

    Um, I can see why people would want a handbrake, but would anyone use it? I imagine drift fans would, and rally stars too, but thats are completely different class to the S2000, the N4 however, I can see.

    So unless your kit diagrams are finalized, I'd recommend a version with a higher horizontal lift from the axis to get the attention of touring car and oval users. Also, explain the clutch thing, everyone uses paddles or pedals for the clutch, not sure why it would be incorporate into a handbrake.

    Other than that, it looks stunning, robust and nice and slim, looking forward to seeing a few people yanking on one. Any dev vid's online?
  3. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes

    The S2000 and N4 Classes are Rally Classes, and I can see lots of interest to Rally Sims, especially Richard Burns Rally.
    This looks very interesting, since we have been searching for Hand Brake hardware in our RBR Rally Club. I hope it is going to be easily adaptable to a desk top setup and uses a Potentiometer to enable variable "pressure" within RBR.

    Watching this development with interest.
  4. Ashley Riches

    Ashley Riches


    I like it............
  5. Alfonso Martin

    Alfonso Martin

    Has it digital or analog input???

  6. Gerben Kelly

    Gerben Kelly

    I like this :) Can't wait to see more!
  7. arx-7-arbalest


    @ Alexander Roses: I cannot understand what you want to say with "to get the attention of touring car and oval users".... touring cars and oval cars don't use handbrake in races....
    and "explain the clutch thing".... have you ever seen a start of a wrc?? :)

    @ Alfonso Martin: depends on the version.... :)
  8. Alexander Rhodes

    Alexander Rhodes

    Yes I have actually done it a few years ago, clutch down, foot brake on, throttle maxed, on the green light, dump the clutch and brake and shift as necessary, then dodge trees at 90mph for 3 minutes... Once was enough. And yes sometimes we do use one, oval racers use it in pit stops or when spinning (break traction at the rear to complete a 180° if necessary), touring racers use it in pit stops and tight hairpin bends (especially in FWD cars).

    The only difference is, it needs to be a quick yank to go from 0%-100% in the shortest time possible, and spring loaded to avoid excess time off the wheel.

    There is a market for them if you could build them for cheap enough, since the only ones I've ever come across are DIY's and extremely expensive pro versions
  9. arc_team


    Arc Team is proud to present to the public and open the pre-orders of the new ARC_Handbrake, the device that was missing in the landscape of professional components of simulated driving.The ARC_Handbrake is a professional-type handbrake, which is designed both on the basis of measurements made on rally cars group N4 and S2000, with the advice of MRT, and using FEM analysis (Finite Element Method) to verify the structural integrity.


    The ARC_Handbrake has also benefited from a thorough development with the help of Elio Minetti, rally drivers with 25-year career in groups A and N4.
    ARC_Team has therefore decided to build a product better than the few on the market today, for both performance and build quality.
    The frame is made entirely of brushed aluminum, laser cut, with a nice-looking surface finish.


    The ARC_Handbrake has an original pneumatic system, consisting of a gas spring, which provides a great feeling and a response of the real counterpart.
    The product was designed and built to accommodate up to two springs, for a total force to the lever up to 10 Kg, depending on the adopted type of spring (100 N or 200 N) and its positioning.
    It is possible also to change the travel and the angle of the lever properly adjusting the preload.
    A plus of the ARC_Handbrake that will be of interest to fans and see the light soon is to use it as a starting clutch in the functions typical of rally racing.
    In addition, ARC_Team is also working on an adapter that will make the ARC_Handbrake mountable on Playseat driver’s seat.

    The product will be available in three configurations, of which the first 2 are the following:

    1) ARC_Handbrake DIY (Do it yourself)
    a. brushed aluminum plates
    b. TTEI screws and stainless steel nuts
    c. stainless steel tubular lever
    d. gas spring 100 N (10 Kg)
    e. hall sensor with magnet

    2) ARC_Handbrake STD (Standard)
    a. DIY assembled components
    b. Hall sensor electronic management system
    c. USB 2.0 connection

    Optional accessorizes:
    - Gas spring 100 N
    - Gas spring 200 N
    - Full electronic system (mountable on ARC_Handbrake DIY)

    From today you can preorder it trough our OFFICIAL STORE from . First deliveries will be by Christmas. For more information email us at
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  10. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    Andrea will be sending me a unit to review shortly :) You can expect the usual in depth review of this much awaited product soon ;)
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