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NetRex Grand Prix 2013 Signing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Fred Owen, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Fred Owen

    Fred Owen

    Today NetRex Grand Prix are pleased to announce that Gergo Baldi has signed for NetRex Grand Prix for the upcoming 2013 World Championship season.

    After a fantastic first season with a Podium and many top 10 results it is obvious that Gergo is a true talent and a real NetRex'er!

    Team Manager Fred Owen commented: "In Gergo's first season he's displayed tremendous ability and copious amounts of talent and I'm certain that he'll continue with this for next season and display some great results as well. For me after the first race it seemed certain that he will go a long way in FSR and we will be behind him 100% to ensure this."

    Team Owner Ernesto De Angelis commented: "During this year many times in our talks I repeated Gergo what I will say here once again: with him we didn't only find a fantastic driver but, before that, a great guy who perfectly fits all NetRex basic principles. Having him continuing with us is surely fantastic, he became really a component of our family. His talents is out of question but what can't be seen externally is his fantastic behaviour and attitude. I'm proud to have him with us, I'm proud he feels home, I'm proud he's part of the new NetRex generation."

    Gergo Baldi commented: "I'm glad with this announcement, and i say a very big thank you for the Netrex Grand Prix. The team is fascinating, the mood is excellent, I'm happy I may be the member of this team. In this year, i thought it'll be a preparing year, but our results was better, than i expected. I don't have any plans to the future, i'll push as hard as i can in 2013, and then we'll see, where we'll be."

    Stay tuned for more exciting news over the next few days!
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  2. intact



    Eduard K
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  3. Jeffrey Rietveld

    Jeffrey Rietveld

    Congrats !
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