need help with a long time problem

SVP Skins

Apr 15, 2012
Hiya guys,

a good 4-5 years ago over at Nogrips way before i learned to skin myself, i asked a Skinner called Thunder-Ice to do me this set of skins for GTL. I then moved over to Race07, I got someone to convert them to work with the GTL mod for race07 and ever since they were converted all three skins have had this green tint as seen in the pics below and theres no green tint in the either of the templates

now i've tried for years since with no luck as to why the converted ones have this green tint and no one seems to know. now before anyone asks, i sadly dont have the Original GTL skins and ive no clue were they went which im gutted about.

any way I've just learned how to convert GTL skins to work in Race07 and ive done some porsches and none have the green tint. so thought id try and ask again if anyone would help me understand why my skin set does have this green tint.

to me looks like a reflection problem? but then if it was, wouldn't it affect all the 911 skins that ive got in the gtl mod?

Mark Reynolds

Physics & AI Programmer
Jul 17, 2007
Does your environmental layer have a green alpha channel maybe ? I am not a gfx guru btw......and forgive if my terminology is incorrect, I know what I mean even if I have not expressed it correctly :D

I used to mess around painting and mapping meshes etc , but that was years ago now and forgotten most of what I self learnt :)