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Need help regarding butt shakers

Hello, new to this forum.
Been reading in loads of threads here but never made an account but the time is now ripe!

So ive got a few questions about butt/body shakers.
Ive been racing on iracing for a good 8 months and have now invested in a simlab gt1 evo rigg with a ultra wide screen and such.
I feel that next step is to invest in shakers.

My plan is to eventually have 4 shakers and run them in chassi mode, but will start with two units.
One in the front under the pedals and the other either under the cushion in my seat or placed in the backrest. (Not sure with the one regarding the seat and what placement will be the best.
The one placed on the pedal tray is gonna use effects or tire slip and abs and perhaps throttle vibrations.
The one placed in backset is gonna be for gear shifts and curbs and road texture.

Ive been looking at the dayton audio bst-1 or the cheaper but more bare modell Rockwood 100 watt.
Rockwood being half the price of the dayton here where i live, my only conern is that the Rockwood will eventually heat up alot more then the dayton since the Rockwood is lacking any housing ?

So to the questions and abit about my hardware.
My audio is using a SteelSeries Arctis Wireless pro headset.
Motherboard asuz z370-h

If i was to get a amp like the nobsound ns-20g would that be enough to drive either 2x rockwood or 2x dayton bst-1 ?
Also would i need to buy a usb soundcard or is it possible to actually run the audio from my the chipset on my motherboard without interfering with my headset audio?

Most likely i will be using simhub since i use it for dashboard and other applications.
If you guys need any more information feel free to ask.
And also im very open to suggestions to other amps and bass shakers if there is any thing better for the same price and such.

Im well aware from reading the varuis threads in here that people spend alot of money and time in to tuning and buying a grade equipment, eventually i will get there aswell but at the moment i just wanna have another sensation and tactile feedback while drivin and enjoying sim racing.

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