Need help getting into tactile - with one soundcard


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Apr 7, 2019
Hi guys,

My first post here. I've been using a Playseat Challenge for a while and just this week upgraded to a RSEAT S1. I've read a lot of the posts here especially all the ones by Mr. Latte. It's been very informative. I understand you need 2 sound cards but since I'm using a gaming laptop I am limited to one sound card/headphone jack.

I connect my laptop to a monitor using display port. The monitor itself has a second headphone jack. I typically use a bluetooth headphone when playing and I tested it out today where I plugged in some earbuds first into my laptop and next into my monitor while also using my bluetooth headphone. I was unable to get two signals to play simultaneously on the earbuds and my bluetooth headphone.

I understand there may be some workarounds but am not sure if it actually works.

1. Use a Y splitter to split the laptop sound jack into two signals so I can plug my headphones and the amplifier into the same sound jack (downside is unable to independently adjust volume/gain of headphone & tactile transducer)

2. SimHub supposedly has an option to choose your output for transducers. Can anyone confirm this?

3. ...any other options?

This is the first hurdle I need to get around if I want to add add tactile to my rig. Please help! :)