Need for Speed: World

Bram Hengeveld

Since the announcement of the three upcoming NFS titles there is hardly been any communications about WO.
Personally i am not impressed with the trailer at all
yeah.... you're right. they should really start telling us stuff about it. the trailer was very weird. it was good at the start, but then it just looked plain weird.

Kyle Evers

This game better have a bonnet view and not just swingman view otherwise forget it.
Need For Speed World Online

Has anyone seen much about this? all i have found is the wikipedia page

looks like a fun way to kill some driving time when im not in the mood for some serious racing!
It's the NFS take on TDU, where you can Race or just Cruise. I know it's not going to be a Sim but I do still like and play TDU now again and it is still good to just meet people and Race, Cruise or play tag etc.

Omer Said

When did that finish the Closed-Beta stage?! I had subscriped to their newsletter but it seems they forgot me lol.

Downloading...... Thanks Abdul, i really wonder this game.
I played during the beta, its very much Need for Speed for sure. Pretty light on MMO features, but they are there. Would like to see more of a social aspect in the game. If you are looking for an arcade fix, it is a good game. Definitely a nice direction for NFS.

Omer Said

Lag, they need to fix it. But as it's a beta i can't complain about it :)

MMO features (skills, level system, chat ) are all great imo.

Driving feels good also, nearly same as Carbon.

I hate itemshop ( which this game uses ), i wish that wasn't a free game. So that nasty item shop would'nt be there.

Overall, it's fun. Always someone to fill up 8 slots in a multiplayer race. And nice tuning system. If they really overcome the lag, will be good.
I've just given this a try too. I have been keeping an eye on this game, as I love open world games - that combined with cars allows me to enjoy exploring a huge game world in a car without the stigma associated with Grand Theft Auto.

First impressions are good. The menus are very slick, and the graphics look amazing to me. Driving feel is noticably arcade, but I don't mind. This game is not trying to be a sim, and so I won't judge it as such. The only niggle I can find is that the force feedback on my G25 isn't working... is there something I'm not doing in the controls menu (as in the pause menu, the controls options are greyed out), or doesn't the game support FFB?

Other than that, this is a great racing game. If I scrape some money together, I'll definitely buy the full version. :)
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