Nations gp looking for driver(s)!!!!!

If your looking for a league to run in right now i got one for you. As we are now preparing for the third round of the nations gp, Team usa has lost two of their drivers and now only has three and needs at least one more driver. Do to this YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AMERICAN TO JOIN THIS TEAM!!!! All you need is to be a licensed member and be able to race in at least one of the remaining races. No skill is necessary. If your interested just either pm me, the team manager, or reply to this thread. Intro and info here: and sign ups here:
If you wanna know what the nations gp is about i'll give you a breif summary. Tha nations gp is league where you can race for your native country and individualy. Each round has two races: a feature and a sprint race. Nations gp is a good way to have fun and show off how your country has the best sim racers in the world. Hope you decide to join.
don't worry Bram because of we are already in the middle of the season and i need someone fast and not so sure if i can get another american so i asked Ross if i can get someone not from america so team usa can still (anyhow we have steven voss who lives in the netherlands). For Dennis we only lost two drivers and now we only have three drivers (we need four drivers to race). So right now i'll have probably two or three non-americans and any american or canadian that wants to join (only a couple non-americans because like Bram said it will kill the whole idea).
Look There are several Nation teams that need drivers (Team Scandinavia is one of them) So if you come from Sweden,the Ashy Island, Danmark or Norway go and sign up because you will get a posision in the Team for sure and as The team manager of Scandinavia you will have a green flag to race too.

Corrently we dont have enough Chinise drivers (only one to be honest) and there are some other contrys too, If you realy are intrestid in joining then PM me or go to the following link so you can sign up.


Sorry guys for not reading all your post in details but I just point this out so people will read this.
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