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MyTeam Fantasy RedBull

Skins MyTeam Fantasy RedBull 1.0

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If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?
ML2166 submitted a new resource:

MyTeam Fantasy RedBull - Just the car and helmet, sorry guys.

Okay let's go with a Fantasy RedBull now.

For MyTeam FOM Car.

This is just the car and helmet only. I do not have the time to get into suits and pitcrew etc etc at the moment.

But if you want to create that side of things, be my guest. Either add the car to what you do, or I'll add suits etc to the car.

Doesn't really matter.

For car copy into the below files using Ryders Ego ERP Archiver 7.1.0


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If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?
From what I've read and understand, RedBull are still hoping to run the Honda power unit for next year, so not sure what will change.
Here's something I'd like to challenge you to do.

1. Full team package for Brawn GP (Australian GP, replacing 70 Anniversary)
2. Full team package for Honda (2007, replacing Red Schumacher items)
3. Full Team Package Honda RA099 (Replacing Gold Schumacher items)
I'm sorry if I sound too demanding, I just suck at making this stuff and I like the way you style these, so that's why I asked you.
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