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My Summer Car has been updated recently, check out the latest change log details here.

Yes, its been a little while since we heard from the developers of My Summer Car, but with Christmas fast approaching another new update has dropped for the part driving, part drinking and part lifestyle simulation.

The new build is available to download the next time a player restarts their Steam client, and as usual it contains a mix of the useful and the unusual, with a particular favourite of mine the potential to get a 'bumblebee into your eye when driving a moped without a helmet' - only in a MSC update!

My Summer Car November Update Notes:
  • Fixed bug with Slotmachine sometimes flying off the map boundaries
  • Fixed bug with AI rally cars not stopping racing after rally is over
  • Added helmet
  • You might now get bumblebee into your eye when driving a moped without a helmet
  • Rally participation now requires Helmet
  • Satsuma is now decorated with official Suvi-Sprint number sticker when registering for rally
  • Post orders and AD delivery payment can't be picked up any more outside store opening hours
  • Added lottery
  • Made fixes, adjustments and hopefully optimization to bunch of car parts
  • Fixed few bugs with motor hoist and engine installation
  • Added Digging Bar to bend back broken suspension mounts (Only Fleetari repair shop can do perfect job)
  • Fixed object in hand velocity issues when letting off at speed (Thanks Fredrik!)
  • Running over a cop with a car makes player now instantly wanted
  • You can now change Flywheel without taking the Gearbox out
  • Fixed issue with Parts Magazine orders sometimes delivering empty order
  • Fixed Satsuma hazards
  • Player gets now fined for not using a helmet when driving a moped
  • Fixed some traffic fine calculation errors
  • Urine now accumulates if player keeps urinating on the house floor
  • Disabled Satsuma damage deformation when the car is stationary (Sledgehammer still doing damage)
  • Fixed issue with Satsuma mesh damage getting saved even when quitting the game without saving
  • Added notepad
  • Computer mini games now close with command "Left ALT + Q", you can also use computer reset button
  • Fixed inaccurate assembly of the clutch
  • Added Propilkki (Peräjärvi edition) to computer, thanks for collaboration Procyon Products!

Image Credits: Pelican and Fextax

My Summer Car is available exclusively on PC.

Looking for a cool mod? Check in with the community at the My Summer Car sub forum here at RaceDepartment.

Sim Raci.... errr, driving in 90's style Finnish countryside is AWESOME!

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My Summer Car Update 2 - Pelican.jpg
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Dr. Death

My Summer Car is the most realistic driving sim out there! You're basically trying to survive, while spending all your money for your unreliable race car, which drives dangerously, just to win a trophy. And when you're done, you can have a nice session on your high end gaming PC at home, perkele, it is beautiful.
Not to mention the game over for the end is
getting forced to marry a 5/10 girl that you just met and is a heavy drinker and smoker that got pregnant with her previous bf which is, more than likely if you saved her from the wreck, dead.
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