My new G27 issue

Hi all,

I have been through loads of threads and googled my ass off but have found no answer to my issue so would appreciate any help...

I have recently had a 4 month layoff from racing off any kind but with the F1 season under way, the juices are flowing again, so I went out and bought a G27. GSC is my Sim of choice however I can't assign any wheel control functions to my G27 buttons. The wheel works fine and the preset has the basics sorted but I want to "customize" my buttons etc. Each button I choose reverts to "joy3 p3u"...whatever that is? I have removed all virtual joysticks and started a new profile but still a no go. Any advice is appreciated :)

P.S. The other issue just identified is when I go into the replay area, I can't select anything...basically the game just freezes?

It sounds like either a game or hardware conflict.I would try re-installing GSC or unplug your G27(power and USB), uninstall the Logitech profiler/driver and restart your computer. After restart, re-install the profiler/driver and pug it back in and try again. Maybe that will work.
Thanks for your reply reborn67. I followed your instructions but with no luck. I have solved the problem though! Seems that when I deleted all 'virtual joysticks' they didn't completely delete (Grrrrrr). Anyway, have thoroughly removed them and it's working beautifully. Thx again.