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    Daytona 24hrs is one of my preferred races and intended to recreate its spirit on RF2. My target: simulate the 24hrs in a 240' race.
    I'd like to share this 1st experience with RF2.

    I'm not modder neither skinner. So, only way was using existing material. Fortunately, there is enough available cars around. Nevertheless I had to spend some hours to achieve something acceptable. It's still far from perfect but I'm satisfied with it.

    1) Cars.
    To select opponents easily, best way is creating a class.
    For that, when skins are in core mod, only solution is diving into "..._teams.mas", open veh files and add 17IMSA class on selected cars. For skins from skinpack (thansk to (thanks to Crivitz Chris), stored in player / set up folder, it's easy. Only rcd file must be updated.

    P2 / DPi: I took Oreca (Loire Px2) URD and Ligier Enduracers.
    URD I picked up 8 from existing skin pack + modified Rebellion & Kolles PX1 into PX2 in rcd file.
    Ligier: I took 2x ESM and 1x Mickael Shanks
    Total: 11 cars
    PC: 5 Zytek 2009-2010 from Enduracers mod,
    GTLM: GTE URD + BMW Simtek
    skins: I picked up 11 cars from skin pack, with priority on existing IMSA skins of course.
    GTD: Simtek GT3
    I simply took existing IMSA16 class + added several AMG in my 17IMSA class.
    In total, I have 42 cars ready to race :)
    2) Drivers
    In RF2, impossible to see classes of the cars in game. And it's something I wanted to have.
    So, for P2, PC and GTLM and modified or created driver name like that: P2_Car_team_#10 or PC_Driver name.
    (I also modified names in Enduracers talent files)
    Thanks to that, I can easily see position of each car including mine in its class.

    3) BOP
    It was the longest work.
    As 1st, the fact Enduracers (free mod) is cripted while URD (pay mod) is open makes adjustments between mods more difficult. Anyway, it's like that and I had to handle it.

    P2/DPi: Out of the box, BOP of Ligier and Oreca is well done.
    But fuel consumption and refueling time are too different. Adjusting them was mandatory.
    For refueling, Oreca was at 4l/ sec while Ligier are around 1l/sec I guess.
    So, I modified it in hdv file and engine consumption in engine file.
    I could also change tank volume but it worked without touching it.
    I slightly modified damage files to avoid cars slow down after minor shock.
    I also increased repair time for wings in order to create true disadvantage in case of accident. Thanks to that, I could see P2 in the middle of the field during the race, same as in reality.
    Finally, I created AI set up to make them go approx as same speed as me in the banking. Actually I'm still bit faster while using same set up.
    URD GTE are far too slow vs prototypes, almost as slow as GT3.
    I reduced their weight drastically (from 1350 to less than 1000) and created AI set up. With that, their pace is 1'43"-1'45", same as real ones.
    I also increased their tank size in order they refuel less often as protos.
    Not easy because they're originally fast P2 and files can't be touched. So, I created very severe set up (gear box and aero) to slow them down to 1'42-1'44 and make them almost at same level as GTLM.
    By the way, PC drivers are known to be strong gardeners. So, I changed talent files (speed and crash) in this way. And it worked.;)
    But I regret I can't change engine (again, cripted files). I miss V8 noise for these cars.
    I didn't touch anything. They're 2-3" slower than in reality but I didn't take time to adjust.

    Finally, I reached something really acceptable in BOP and race proceedings. So, Nounoubleu, let start your engine!
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