My Custom Paddle Shifters

Hi fellow sim racers!
I have created a set of custom paddle shifters, that I want to share with you guys.

I was one of the first to recieve the Fanatec CSW base (v1) as a beta tester and I was never quite satisfied with the feel and feedback (or lack of it) the shifters had. Sometimes, in the heat of the battle, I didn't pull the shifter paddle far enough to engage the micro switch and I would miss a gear.

In my opinion, the general feel wasn't immersive at all. I tried several minor things to improve this and I got a little (read not much) closer to my target. And after 3 years, I thought of making my own better shifters (with blackjack and hookers!:mad:)

This is my first prototype (I'm sorry for the low quality pictures, but I was eager to show the shifters and didn't put much effort in photographing):
2015-10-28 19.52.49.jpg 2015-10-28 19.55.17.jpg 2015-10-28 19.53.03.jpg2015-10-28 20.46.56.jpg
They are made of sheet metal (carbon steel for now) and to add the tactile feedback and increase the immersion, I have mounted a magnet that is retaining the paddle it self (see red arrow). The guitar pick is not a standard component ;). I couldn't find a M3 washer, so a drilled pick would do.
You have to overcome the force of the magnet to engage the switch, and when you do so, you cannot avoid pressing the switch. Plus, the feel is SOOOO good! It's really immersive and the tactile feedback gives (me) the confidence that a gear change has occured. I could never go back to the originals ones after this!

Here's a video, demonstrating the shifters:

They are louder than the original shifters, but not as loud as on the video. It seems like the recording is amplifying the sound a bit. Besides, the magnets that are currently mounted are a tad too strong so a bit weaker magnets should lower the noise.

Retrofiting the shifters on the Fanatec F1 Rim is really easy and simple.
See the pictures below.
2015-10-28 20.01.57.jpg 2015-10-28 19.59.29.jpg 2015-10-28 19.56.48.jpg 2015-10-28 19.58.30.jpg
Notice that the bolts that holds the shifters are inserted from the front of the shifter housin instead from the inside of the housing. It is much easier to (un)install the shifters this way.

The shifters are compatible with all Fanatec F1-Rim and the Universal Hub. They are probably also compatible with the BMW GT2 wheel, but I'm not sure as I don't own the wheel.

Soon I will make another set, which will be made of aluminium (except the paddles) to lower the noise a bit, mount smaller magnets, the housing will be made smaller, I will make some paddle extensions for the Hub for larger wheels and make a bracket/plate for G25/27 wheels.

So, what do you think?
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