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Misc Mr Pibb's 2015 update - Part 3a 0.5

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Mr Pibb

Oct 2, 2010
Mr Pibb submitted a new resource:

Mr Pibb's F1 2015 update - Part 3a - This is part 3 of my 2015 mod. Updates McLaren-Honda/Manor pitstands. Replaces all 2014 track signs.

This is part 3a of Mr Pibb's F1 2015 update.

This part updates McLaren-Honda and Manor pitstands, and replaces all obvious "F1 2014" trackside signage to "2015". Due to the file size of the download, this part of the mod is split into 2 parts - part 3a and part 3b. This is part 3a and covers the first 9 tracks of the season - Australia to Britain.

Some screenies:...
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