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Motorsport Games Announces INDYCAR Partnership

Though I by far like "open code moddable sims" to "rigid moneymaking sims" (where you have to buy an entire new game for each new season...), this will definately be a title I'll look more into, and first time since the splendid CARTFactor 1998 mod for rFactor(1) I'll drive a modern prime american openwheeler again :)

And if the developers do have the intention and success of cross platform "real sim" competition I can only see this as a real opportunity to lurk the major console player market into the real sim world.
Think of online cross-platform competition series, based on a common state of the art real sim engine, it would bring hope to our niche sport for the future.

But please dont turn into PC3-like things as closed pits and so on. Pit stops should ofcourse be as manual as they can be.
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:) Looking forward to it, it's been a long time coming, and I hope it doesn't disappoint. I've got enough out and out race sims, so I don't mind it being a (Codemasters type) 'sim-cade' as long as it drives well, the AI race properly and it is a believable experience.