More sound problems...


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Nov 25, 2018
I solved my earlier sound issues but have now encountered some new ones. I have installed several new cars into GTL, and the majority are working fine. However on some of them I have all the sounds except those you might hear when losing traction, or spinning out. It's quite eerie to lose control and spin off track in total silence with no screaming tires or braking noises, no sounds when running over curbing, or striking barriers.

Have I installed the sounds for the new cars wrong? Should they be in their own individual corresponding folder in the (for example) SOUND/CARS/"Chevy Impala" folder? Should they be their own corresponding folder in the SOUND/"Chevy Impala" folder? Should they be removed from the "Chevy Impala" folder and just placed at large in the "SOUND" folder? Can't figure why the non car specific sounds don't work in these cars.

Also I have installed a new Shelby GT500 that supposedly uses the main GTL install Shelby sounds, but I get no sounds whatsoever in this car now.

Any ideas on how to fix these issues?


Mar 8, 2009
As far as I know; the easiest way to troubleshoot car sounds is to open the folder of the team that the car belongs to (i.e. "GT Legends\GameData\Teams\GTC-65\Shelby GT500\67013" or "Steam\SteamApps\Common\GT Legends\GameData\Teams\GTC-65\Shelby GT500\67013") and then open its' "car" file with Notepad to verify which "AUD" file it uses for sounds (i.e. "SHELBYSOUNDS.AUD"). Open that file in Notepad and determine which actual .wav recordings that it points to (i.e. GT Legends\GameData\Sounds\Cars\ac_idle.wav or Steam\SteamApps\Common\GT Legends\GameData\Sounds\Cars\ac_idle.wav). If your "Sounds" and / or "Cars" folder is in the wrong place you are in for nothing but trouble with sounds.