More Shadows... while waiting for new super-release 0.89 :-)


Apr 10, 2009
I have a laptop with Intel Graphic card with no CG capability.
So, I use Racer 0.6.5 on it, with a good performance.

Yesterday, investigating on shadows, I noticed something, so I have to ask:
Why shadows in 0.65 looks much better than 0.88 (no HDR-No Bloom-No MSAA)??
The light contrast and darkness are much more realistic on old version!
(see attached files)

Any cue?




Yep, because 088 is split between HDR and LDR, rendering without HDR and/or bloom looks dark and unrealistic because you're missing the aspects of the bloom which lighten the light parts of the screen, hence it appears pretty dark and over saturated.

Not the perfect answer, but you could open the fullscreen shader which your version of Racer is using (the .cg one referenced in the 'fs_filter' lines in racer.ini), and somewhere add a line near the bottom which will lighten it up for you. Something like:


That improved the look of things here in some tests I did with bloom etc turned off. You can do basic math on the screen colour this way, might make things look better for you.

I agree with you, it looks pretty naff without blom or HDR, hence my other thread about fullscreen shaders, it's all a balancing act really. To get decent graphics from now on you're really going to need some decent hardware which can run CG, that's the way it is unfortunately :smile: