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Momo force modding

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Kennett Ylitalo

    Kennett Ylitalo

    I want give my modding tip for Momo users. Somewhere i said hat i have a silicone layer between the cogs, that sentence propably can't explain what i've done. So i made a simple 3D illustration:


    The small wheel is at the end of motor axle and bigger one is the first gear. There's a smaller wheel in the center of that and it drives the biggest wheel that is in the steering column. The grey ring is the silicone layer that removes any gap that the straight teethed cogs inevitably get. I have a same layer in the steering column gear, i found that you can't put the damping layer in the small wheels, they only work with the bigger wheel. But with this mod i've been able to remove the gap what IMHO, destroyed a good wheel.

    The silicone is treated while it's hardening by assembling the gears and rolling them few times. The timing of this treatment is a hit & miss, once it doesn't stick to your fingers but is still malluable then it's time to wait for 5-10 minutes and then treat it. That rolling will remove most of the stuff that's resisting movement so that the teeths fit together well.

    The way i do it by just applying a layer of silicone straight out of the cog-gun and then smoothing it with fingers to push that stuff down to bottom of teeths. Unlike in the illustration there's not a lot of silicone in the top of teeths, the most is filling the "valleys". It's not pretty and over time the silicone starts to break off leaving white pulverized residue but since it's silicone, it will notyt mess all the insides, where it lands, it stays there. This fix has to be redone every 6 months or so to keep the whole range of motion steady, since it's mainly getting wear around the center. Over time the center will wear enough for the gaps to emerge again, then it's time to fix it. The silicone strips away easily and the remaining small stuff in the bottom of "valleys" can be removed with a hard brush.

    The whole operation takes about 2 hours where disassambling, applying the silicone and assembling will take maybe 15-25 minutes and the rest is just waiting. The perefect solution is to the first part in the day1 and assembling in the next day so the silicone gets to harden fully.