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Tracks "MODEL_REPLACEMENT_" how-to

Strangely I can`t find any info on how to use this additional config option. I need to replace object in a track with undefined "PITS" so the doubled number of cars don`t pile up. I prepared the new pits as small separate ".kn5" file

and placed it alongside a corresponding "track_name.ini"
in "..\AssettoCorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded\".
What I got was one line in "custom_shaders_patch.log":
"2019-10-04T00:27:54:881 [01664] | DEBUG | Processing messages, dt=0.128
2019-10-04T00:27:54:881 [01664] | DEBUG | Message: 512
2019-10-04T00:27:54:881 [01664] | DEBUG | Messages processed
2019-10-04T00:27:54:882 [01664] | INFO | File to insert: 'E:\AC1andALL\AssettoCorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded\pits_32.kn5'
2019-10-04T00:27:54:897 [01664] | DEBUG | Processing messages, dt=0.017
2019-10-04T00:27:54:897 [01664] | DEBUG | Message: 512
2019-10-04T00:27:54:897 [01664] | DEBUG | Messages processed"

No "ERROR" and no desired effect in the game... What to do?
PS- This is needed for the correction to reach many people who can`t manage to edit the track in 3d. I am not the author and cannot release an update of the track for ethical reasons only.
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Got results! But not thru the above option so the question is still valid.

Track accepted replacement thru additional
in "models_***.ini"
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pit- and road-meshes or curbs are special, they cannot be inserted by the patch, they are like "read-only" - all the ones with a number in front
in log file (not log.txt but "custom_shaders_patch.log") they are called "protected"
for that you have to use the layout method like in your second post
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I am not the author and cannot release an update of the track for ethical reasons only.

So why are you publicising yourself screwing with other people's hard work? To get 'likes'?

If you want something changed on a mod track, do the right thing, and contact the original creator.

Or better still, make your own track ;)
do the right thing, and contact the original creator
Why are you so sure I did not seek the author for proper update on the track? Jeez`, you have some weird beef with me... And acting like I haven`t warned all haters to not waste themselves in vain. Farewell, David.
INSERT_AFTER= is needed
Please expand this tip. I guessed the same but so far have no idea what is the order in principle and don`t know what to look for in the big model.
How is typically structured the road object? In this case it`s not even named ROAD.. I`m baffled..
As far as my understanding goes the hierarchy in question is the one seen on the left in ksEditor. In that respect "INSERT_AFTER=" has easy to find reference. Will try that later.
Thanks, @Please Stop This

Gero Mulkau

It is locked in shader Patch to replace, remove or add physics Underground.

Because if this would Work everyone could cheat by repacing every physic Underground with "Road"
I haven`t read anything from Ilja aka "x4fab" to that respect. The limitation most probably is to avoid filling up the config folder with all sorts of wrongly named models which at some point will get overwritten and the wrong objects will end up in some different track causing cars falling into the abbyss.
Replacing or extending the mesh by inserting separate model is otherwise working and is not a cheat. It`s more like an afterthought because of a guys who were too busy putting together the track in RTB and didn`t make the pits.
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when i put a mesh named 1ROAD_test into the "ks_nordschleife__lights.kn5" i made it is omitted, not loaded. no fake news ;)

the log file "Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs\custom_shaders_patch.log" says:
| INFO | Inserting extra node: 1ROAD_test, is mesh: 0
| INFO | Removing protected node: 1ROAD_test

"hierarchy is the one seen on the left in ksEditor" - yes
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