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I have downloaded the fia gt 2008 mod for my gtr evo game and it keeps giving me a minidump error. Can anyone help a newbie? I have extracted the files into the add on file that opens into gtr evolution is this correct? Or should i extract into the Race 07 files? I appreciate your responses on this matter it is driving me crazy.

Ross Balfour

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What is the first file called? If it is called GameData then paste it in beside your original GameData file. If it is called "Teams" place it beside the teams file etc.etc.

Ross Garland

If you downloaded the mod from here, then it should be an archive containing two folders, GameData and UIData. Extract them into your root Race 07 folder. (eg, C:\Games\Race 07)


Thanks . I downloaded the fia gt 2008 mod because it has porsches. The cars are there but no sound. I checked the sound folder but it had only the 997 and 430 sound files in it none for the maserati or lambo. Nothing is nutttier than racing without sound nly the tire sound and gravel and others but no engine noise. Did someone forget to load them into the new version of this mod? If so can anyone direct me to the older original posting of this mod? Preciate it
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