Missing Tracks

I’m sure this is a shot in the dark but I’m wondering if the following tracks exist for rFactor:

Wild Disney World Speedway
Pikes Peak International Raceway
Memphis Motorsports Park (or Memphis International Raceway)

Streets of Denver (90-91 Layout for CART)
Meadowlands Sports Complex
Tamiami Park(Miami CART 85-88)
Bicentennial Park(Miami used for IMSA & CART)
Homestead Motor Speedway (Original 95-96 layout)
West Palm Beach Street Course

Palm Beach International Raceway
Columbus(OH) Street Course (used for IMSA & SCCA Trans-Am)
Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park (AKA Firebird International Raceway)
San Antonio Streets (used for IMSA & SCCA)
Del Mar(CA) Fairgrounds (used for IMSA)
Florida State Fairgrounds (Tampa, used for IMSA)
Des Moines(IA) Streets (used for SCCA)
Addison(TX) Airport (used for SCCA)
New Orleans Street Course (used for IMSA)
Streets of Reno (used for SCCA)
Streets of Minneapolis (used for SCCA)
Mansfield(OH) Motor Speedway
Hutchinson Island Raceway (Savannah,GA, used for Indy lights)

Like I said it’s prob a shot in the dark but hey dare to dream right?
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Anything? People have said there is pikes peak but I’d have to convert it from AC is that a easy/hard thing to do?
Nope, I've not heard of any of those created in rF. Converting is easier than creating, but probably more of a chore than you'd care to undertake; at a minimum, beyond the conversion, you need to be able to create an AIW and that's become more difficult as most people no longer have an OS that's old enough for the tools to run on.
Question? If I have these for Nr2003 season would somebody want to convert them? I’d even pay if it’s not too crazy? But I’d make sure it be uploaded so we can all enjoy them!
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So I’ve bolded some of the tracks in the first post for ones I have for nr2k3 that if somebody wants to convert they can message me or such and we can maybe figure something out.