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mini dump when using fraps ...

Sep 18, 2008
I used fraps before in GTRE and never had troubles with it, but since a while now i cannot use fraps in gtre anymore.

At first i thought it was just my vista that caused the trouble , but i have a clean install now , and just discovered as i wanted to start making a video of the mini race , i still have the problem.

when pressing the capture button gtr instantly freezes and minidumps , anybody had this trouble before , and maybe know a solution ?

Matt Crouch

I have it intermittently and still haven't really worked it out, but I think it started after I changed my sound card from on-board to a Xonar D2, I think it might be when I accidentally select a disabled sound input but not sure.

Have you made any changes like that? If you have it automatically selecting sound input you could try manually selecting the correct one in fraps

Simon Trendell

Feb 19, 2008
I *think* this was a problem with certain Fraps versions. If you don't have the latest version try updating Fraps.

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