Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel for Xbox 360 Really!!!

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Oct 16, 2011
Yes, it's that funny U shaped thing that you sort of wave around in the air. I was given it as a gift a couple of years ago and after a cursory test, it was bunged into a cupboard. I have now blown the dust off it and given it a serious try-out. Why?

First of all, I am a pad user playing F1 2014 on the Xbox. A full wheel-rig sits in its box in a cupboard simply because of the hassle of setting it up and putting it away each time I casually wish to play a racing game in my living room - say when the missus answers a phone call from one of her sisters. The pad wins for casual, relaxed gaming.

Where the pad does not win in this game is cornering. The wheel turn radius is too tight on the pad. The pad input settings cannot be changed in F1 2014 for the Xbox.

So, here I go with a more serious attempt at using the speed wheel. It is very strange at first. My left thumb was making involuntary movements at turns. Stranger still the car would not straighten up. Then I realised with this thing, I consciously had to straighten up. Then there was the weaving. So far, same as my previous impressions and reasons for dismissal a few years ago.

Taking things more seriously obviously meant going into the advanced wheel settings menu in the game and experimenting.

Within a couple of dozen laps at Silverstone I got to within 4 seconds of my previous best with the pad. I also discovered that turn 1 was easier than with the pad. Copse is especially easier. And this is not down to being more smooth, which it is, but about the steering lock. Quite simply, the pad does not allow you to change direction as much as a wheel, including this one. Update 9.2.15: I haven't spent a huge amount of time with this wheel, about 20 minutes each evening. Biggest problem is putting in consistent lap times. Rate of error is still quite big, mostly on straightening out and timing the throttle application connected with that. The trigger springs are quite weak, which means judging throttle and brake by movement, not a feel. I can nail the odd lap within 8 tenths of my best with the pad and can even get ahead of my ghost car in places due to better change of direction. Exits are the biggest problem, especially into the pit straight. Rate of error is still high.

Only a bit more time will tell whether I can actually improve beyond my previous personal best with a pad. And a real test will be the ability to recover from a bump or mistake in a race. But I feel it's worth a shot. (Edit: removed reference to Xbox One rumour of compatibility. Definitely not compatible.)

Since there is not much info about this wheel, I am listing my current and updated settings for it here:

Steering Dead Zone - 7% Updated to 6% (9.2.15)
Steering Saturation - 30% Updated to 50% (9.2.15)
Steering Linearity - 50% Updated to 45% (9.2.15)
Throttle Dead Zone 5%
Throttle saturation 0%
Brake Dead Zone 0%
Brake Saturation 0%

I am still pretty sure there are better settings, so if anyone can advise I would appreciate it. I would also appreciate any ideas from anyone who has actually used this wheel as to how to prevent myself from involuntarily tilting the damned thing like a flight stick. Updated 9.2.15: I sit in a reclining armchair for gaming and have found a large cushion on my lap and resting my arms straight out with the speed wheel has helped significantly to prevent waving around.
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