Merry Christmas to Our Awesome Community!!

It's December 25th and the fat man in a red suit has unlawfully entered your property, crept into your living room and left gifts of dubious desirability under the tree - it's Christmas time!

The punchline of many a joke, but it does indeed come but once a year, and for 2019 the most festive of days is upon us - Christmas day is here! An action packed few hours of overeating, overdrinking and making merry is in front of you, gifts have been opened, Wham! have played their timeless music and the telly is playing horrendous seasonal movies softly to itself in the corner - the perfect time for all here at RaceDepartment to wish our wonderful community an happy, fun, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas day.

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are doing it, enjoy the holiday season, stay safe, have fun and see you on track!


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Aug 25, 2009
Merry Christmas to you Paul and all the staff and members of this fantastic community. It's been a great year and keeps getting better and better.
Also happy Christmas to all of your families too, hope you're all having a great time and eating and drinking far too much, although responsibly too of course... ;)