Mercedes SLS AMG GT3

I only just read about this thing in the paper. Apparently Mercedes has built a GT3-specification version of the SLS for customers wanting to compete in motor racing - it's been built to the FIA GT3 regs, and has been FIA-approved. The company who helped develop it is alsdo responsible for the cars used in DTM.

I want to see this car on track, now!!


Kris Leeten

Together with Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Chevrolette, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini & Porsche this looks a very promising season!
Some guy called Petra GTC is making a GT3 mod for RACE 07 (well, GTR Evo, actually, so that they don't have to include sounds in the download), but I don't know how legal that mod will be.

About this particular car, the front is just gorgeous, but the sides are just too flat, it looks kind of like a wiener. The Z4 GT3 looks way, way better!
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