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Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing 1.02

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by AleDriving, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. AleDriving


    Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing 1.02


    fix v1.02
    - AI speed a littel better
    - Damage values higher
    - Optional: Smaller wheelspin (only Unlimited Version)

    this is a complete overworked version of the LkwFan Version, from Frank#55s rFactor Truck-Series V2.0 (1024 Version).

    In this version all 36 trucks and driver skins working!
    z-axis corrected
    All cockpits resitze and corrected position to the truck modell
    eng, hdc, tyr file overworked
    Hood view / Light / Damage working
    New Analog Instruments and different color (Limit/Unlimit Version)
    No collision in pits with low high (Nogaro, Jarama ect.). Trucks drivable Qual/Race on all tracks.
    Animated Wiper (selectable with GenString)
    New Driver Names and Talent files
    Championship for 2002 and 2003

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