Material on a Wall (with new points added)

Ralf Ääro

Jun 11, 2009
Hi everyone,

just making a lovely track in the Taunus-Forrest (Germany). And I have a problem now with editing the material on different sections on a Wall.

I added some new points to the shape, to make it more look like, what I want it to. But when I switch to "Material" the new section isnt able to select as an own part. I think it has to do with different section points ??

I have attached a picture to this post, which describes my problem maybe better than my bad english ;)

Is there any solution to make new Shape-Points and put new materials on the new sections?



Mar 16, 2009
Hi there,

Put your cursor on the red square, hold down the mouse button and pull it to the blue one. This will leave a gap between the two and the blue square will turn red. Then select the material you want to put into the gap and click the + button. Don't double click the material to add it as then it will go into the red section.