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Mapping Multiple Controls.

Hello all at RaceDepartment. This is my first post here, I'm New to the world of assetto corsa here, loving the platform and the game! I am having problems with mapping controls I'm afraid. I have a thrustmaster tmx and t3pa pedals, and I have a made a handbrake using the joystick of a separate ps3 remote. Problem i am having is, I have all my thrustmaster controls mapped and set, and currently have my red button on the wheel as a handbrake. I plug my ps3 controller in, using scp for the drivers and content manager sees it and allows me to map the joystick into the handbrake axis and set the start/end points. All good! This is where the problem begins. I start the race, the tracks and cars will load but as soon as I'm in the pits, I have no controls at all, no pedals or wheel, no handbrake, everything cancels out. I've tried doing this in the original assetto corsa instead of content manager but same thing. I then most of the time have to unplug the handbrake and even restart my pc just to get my wheel and pedals to map back in, even loading a saved button setup doesn't fix it. Anyone have any idea what's going on?? I spent a lot of time on this handbrake mod, in principle it's all working and dialed into the game properly but as soon as I'm in the pit it cancels out everything!! I have also just noticed that content manager thinks my ps3 remote is a 360 remote, could it be a wrong driver? All help is much appreciated, I've become addicted to this game and getting my handbrake to work would bring a whole new dimension to the experience. Thanks!
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