Manual gearbox with "hints"

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    Am I the only one thinking, that those hints are best left ignored?
    In most (the most obvious) cases they make sense, but in some corners they suggest too high gears for my taste. For instance: I can do Les Combes at Spa on 3rd gear like the game suggests (sometimes I prefer going down to 2nd), but turn 11 on 4th? Come on! You either get into it wayy too fast, or you get out of it on really low revs, which hurts your acceleration. Other ones - Pouhon: I can never do it right on 6th, or turns 13-14 on 4th: I feel REEEEEEEALLY slow on the exit when not on 3rd.
    You can obviously say, that it's a matter of my driving style and the gear ratios I set. The thing is - so far I haven't played any other than the champions mode, where you can't change anything in the car...
    So is it just me being slow in those corners (even though I used the mentioned gears in F1 2011 and I could do pretty "real" laptimes) or are some of them made up?
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    What's even worse: if you set the game to "Expert" it's enabled by default. The other points, I agree. :)