Making a "Scratch made track". AI doesn't work.


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Aug 10, 2017
Hi to all.

I'm making a AC new track. A little track of my city. Only 1.4 kms. I'm thinking to make three versions, short (this), medium and long. Here you got some pics.

It's a loooooong proyect, i'm modelling all with Zanoza Modeller (well, roads was done using BTB). Buildings, kerbs, gardens... i'm refusing some objects (parked cars imported from my old mods for NFS HS, HP2, Most Wanted Revival Mod and Shift Top Gear Edition) and some free 3d objects (bins, lamps and more).

It's my first AC scratch made track. And everything is working fine. Except AI.

I've defined the surfaces (PITLANE, ROAD, GRASS, SAND, KERB, LINES and RUNOFF) in surfaces.ini archive, and named the geometries propertly (1PITLANE, 1ROAD, 1GRASS, 1SAND, 1KERB, 1LINES and 1RUNOFF). I've recorded the, and But opponents doesn't move or stop after a few seconds.

As you can see there isn't red lines. I don't know the reason.

So what i'm doing wrong? There is any way to fix this using SDK or manually? Thank you very much and cheers.
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