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Mak Corp Store thing...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by XN-Sigma, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. XN-Sigma


    I'm not sure if this was discussed anywhere here in RD, if it was, then sorry.

    But anyway, I was at VirtualR and noticed a news article with 140 comments, so I took a look at it, and it was about selling mods through an online store, I'm kinda new to the sim community, so I don't really know much about Mak Corp other than they seem to be hated, and that mods for games have been mostly free since...ever.

    As for me, I'm not quite sure what to think of this, selling mods isn't something really new, Valve has been doing it for a while with both Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2, and surprisingly enough it's quite a success for them, TF2 has around 5000 scratch made mods while Dota 2 has around 3000 scratch made mods (granted most of them are yet to be ingame because of the really slow "quality control" process), people seem more willing to make mods if there is money in the middle. There lies the problem though, car mods already are a gray area where licensing isn't a "problem", but once money gets in, all kinds of rules and laws get in too. And really, the Average Joe modeler simply won't have the money/"VIPness" to get the license for that one car he wants to make and sell.

    So I'm wondering what you guys think of all this. :coffee:

    The discussion(or arguing?) there in VirtualR seemed to be really heated up, So I'd like this thread to keep itself civil, please.
  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    rFactor Senior Club Manager Staff Premium

    I have no problem in paying for something, :)
    for example P&G3 was for free but I would gladly pay for it..
    if you don't like you don't buy its simple..
    I would pay for a track also
    as long as I get the updates also for free
    if I want a skin for a car I would pay to have it done but if the car was updated I would want the skin updated if needed also..