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Lost sound and fixed.

Ac is one of my favorite sims. Two days ago I downloaded a Bentley sim and it did not have any sound ..Then it advertised a sound fix so i downloaded it and installed and right away lost all my sounds in AC. I was forced to Remove the documents file for AC, then uninstall AC completely thru steam and re-install . Now I am ok again although it took forever to reinstall. Be careful with Mods. They are great but can sometimes cause unknown [roblems.


I don't get why you didn't try first to check the files integrity in Steam without uninstalling everything.
As you surely replaced an original file with this sound fix, this file should have been considered as bad and automatically redownloaded at the end of the check.

Using a mod manager as JSGME or installing mods with Content Manager or using Content Manager to give the sounds of another car to such a car with old not working sounds .... should spare you much time in such a case. .... mostly unactivating a mod would allow you to get the original files back in place.

Fine everything is settled though. ;)

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