Lost on GTR EVO LAN setup!



Sorry, to pester everyone but I need a little shove in the right direction on this one. I have set up all sorts of LAN games flight sims, FPS, Strategy games, and racing games but came up empty of this one.

I have read the manual, looked at several web locations (obviously not enough) but cannot find out the following.

The basic question is how does one set up GTR EVO to support a local LAN race?

Do I need to buy a copy for all four of my machines (which I will do if I have too but I own the one copy and wish just to play on my personal LAN) and if so how do I set it up? Do I install them all online with steam? Does that mean I need 4 steam accounts to get 4 machines?

How does one setup the new tracks (i.e. Mid-Ohio, Silverstone, etc.) for multiplayer. I can't find the GTR install to place the tracks in the location folder unless I install the off line version.

Just a good pointer or two will help.

Feb 19, 2007
i think i can you may need 1 pc to run as dedicated server, while the others connect to the lan
most likely you need a copy for every pc....but i'm not sure........the best way is that you can contact simbin personally and question this one (if you are running some sort of lan business)

for track instalation, you need to make a new folder inside the Race07 game installation folder: this folder you will name Gamedata
then make a new folder inside the Gamedata folder and named it Location
there you install the addon tracks

some tracks like mid ohio comes with a self installation.


No, not a LAN business. It is just me, my sons and a couple of friends getting together every other week to race on my 4 personal computers.

I was thinking about upgrading (I know some don't think it is an upgrade) from rFactor but looks like it is a no go. Don't want to rush out and buy 3 more copies if it can not be done. In most MP games you can install on your own machines and LAN it.

I will post something at SimBin and see what they say, then play it by ear and see how it goes.


Yep...it works have three computers working just fine, will set up fourth when I can get the wife off of it.

Have to log into steam on each computer, but it works! :)