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Loose Steering


Robert Stork

Ok im racing practice and qualify. Steering is nice and tight.
I go to the race and all the sudden I have all this play in the middle and it feels like my wheel starts pulling off to the sides. It is completely unraceable.
anybody know whats going on?

This particular time it was the F3000

Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
Robert it would be useful to mention which wheel your using and maybe the setting for it.

Robert Stork

Logitech momo.
Using whatever g42 or something i forget name for it.
The wheel got really loose. Like loose loose. Maybe it was the extra gas I was giving it trying to catch up with the people in the front. But it felt like i had no control over the car the wheel was so lose.

Reik Major

Nov 12, 2008
The black momo has an issue that makes it hard to drive in a straight line, because the car ever wants to drive from one side to the other.

There for you need a little file called "momo center fix". A little exe you have to start before gaming and it runs in the background. Don't know where to find it, because i'm at work, but you should find it somewhere with google....

Robert Stork

no luck. centering doesnt kick in till about 2-4 degrees off center.
when im playing it feels like someone is steering for me.

Robert Stork

Now that I mess with it some more the force feedback that regulates how much you have to push to get the wheels to turn is very inconsistant. It's almost like my wheel goes loose and isn't even turning my wheels. It'll feel tight then all the sudden it goes loose and the wheel just goes loony.

Robert Stork

no somethings is not right. I go into practice mode start wiggling my wheel and god forbid the car starts turning and has some bite.
I try to play this game online and its like im steering with a wiggly pully system.

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