Looks like good news for RIFT users.


Oct 21, 2009
Oculus Rift getting some love after patch 1.4 is out.

Martin Griffiths PC Render Coder "Quick update - spoke to Ian earlier in the evening : once patch 1.4 is out, we will fast track a PC update with the Rift improvements .. I'm a day or so from getting the menu overlay working so once that's done the update can be rolled out after testing."

Stephen Viljoen Game Director/Designer "I made some time over the weekend to give this a go. It really is rather good
Who am I kidding. It's friggin amazing! As a reference, it feels like the much-used reference Live For Speed. For those who haven't tried that, it feels like real life. Tracking is perfectly smooth as long as my system maintains 75fps. There's not the slightest hint of lag. Previously the game was consistently suffering from that laggy/molasses feeling and I could maybe do a few mins racing before nausea would set in. This time there was no trace at all of any nausea. Loving it, top job Martin!"
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