PC1 Looking for volunteers from UK for pCars Community

Hi all, first off I want to congratulate everyone at Slightly Mad Studios & World of Mass Development on this great achievement. I for one am highly anticipating this release, and it's been an interesting journey working together in a developer/community interface, I only hope other studios take note...

Anyway, moving onto my main post subject, I am currently looking for volunteers who love racing sim games and in particular pCars, who can donate some time to an exciting new UK based community focused around Project Cars. Duties are to help create the single best community online for pCars fans in the UK and around the world, offering support in the forum's and reguarly communicating and responding to post's. To engage in community event's in-game with community member's and such.

If you are interested in this and want a sneak peak at the community website currently being built, head on over to www.projectcarsuk.com

If you are interested then feel free to contact me via steam; bioshockeruk

or by registering on the site and sending a PM or forum post.

Anyways, look forward to some great race weekends with you all soon in Project Cars.