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    [SIZE=-1]We have a need for a contract, [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]professional [/SIZE][SIZE=-1] track builder for rFactor. We have a number of clients who require custom work done at competitive rates.

    Our typical project requirements:

    Detailed 3d models
    High-resolution textures
    Full Bump and Spec maps
    Full AI
    4-6 weeks build time per track including revision rounds
    Some reference material provided by clients

    Our ideal candidate would have:

    Previous professional experience
    Full working knowledge of rFactor, BTB, 3DS Max, Photoshop
    We are looking for one candidate that can model, texture, program AI, and fully test each track (not a team)
    Ability to adhere to strict milestones, deadlines, and quality standards

    All interested parties should email info@cxcsimulations.com with "Track Builder" in the subject line.

    Please include:

    Mailing address
    Full contact info (including Skype or IM)
    Past clients
    Screen shots of previous work
    Any download links
    Full list of capabilities

    Chris Considine
    CXC Simulations