LOD wheels and tyres disappear

I created a mod from an existing car; turned a coupe into a roadster and various other bodywork changes. I didn't do anything with the wheels or tyres.
I created an lod_b, lod_c and lod_d ("lods") by making the same changes to the pre-existing lods files as I made to the primary kn5 file.

My new mod loads into AC no problem and everything works in the game, except that the wheels and tyres disappear when the distance shifts to lod_b (or lod_c and lod_d). The wheels and tyres are visible at close distance, i.e. the primary model.

Upon further investigation the wheels and tyres are in-game, but they are at 0.01 scale, i.e. extremely small and therefore not visible. So when the view shifts to lod_b the wheels and tyres "disappear".

I'm importing the lods .fbx into blender using 0.01 scale, as I'd done with the primary. With further investigation, the lods' wheels and tyres are showing a scale of 1.0 after importing while all other objects are at scale 0.01. Scale of everything should be 0.01 if imported with scale of 0.01, no? After I apply scale to all objects, all objects show a scale of 1.0, including the wheels and tyres. The wheels and tyres are correct size by measurement and visually, and yet when I import the .fbx into kseditor the wheels and tyres are the wrong size. I can see they are the wrong size because within kseditor Object/Radius they are 1/100th the radius they should be, i.e. versus the radius in the primary asset, and yet in the viewport they appear correct size!

Someone, anyone please help. This is ruining my day.
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